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Elite Edits is not your average book editing company. When you use our book editing service, you will be assigned one of our book editors that not only has extensive experience, but has a PhD and has had work of their own published! Our book editors know the importance and the impact of their role. Before an author chooses a book editing company, they need to consider a number of things. Will this book editing service enhance the story I have written? Will this book editing service not only correct any errors but also evaluate the content of my book? When you use Elite Edits, the answer to those two questions, is yes! Your book doesn’t just need editing, it deserves elite editing. We love righting writing wherever it’s wrong! When you use our author editing services, there are three different packages to choose from. Every book is different as are the needs of every author. We take a highly detailed approach to every editing job we do. In addition to the traditional editing and proofreading services most editing companies will provide; our author editing services go a step further! Not only can we edit your work, but we have a team that can help you with publishing services. Once your book is published, we can help create a website to showcase your work and help you to reach a greater number of readers. At Elite Edits, not only can we edit your book, but we can market it too! Our team has years of experience in editing and marketing. You have written a book, you have invested in an editor, your book has been published, now how do you get as many people as possible to know about it? We know the trust that is being put in us when you choose us to edit your work. Contact us today and learn more about what Elite Edits can do for you!

We all commit Word Crimes

What Our Elite Editing Service Will Do

Correct all errors in spelling, punctuation and format

Appropriate diction

All grammar issues, including run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments, verb tenses and agreements, etc

Sentence structure (clarity, syntax, subordination and coordination, parallelism, etc.)

Revise and improve the construction of your sentences

Paragraph structure (order of thoughts, length, transitions, etc.)

Suggest any necessary revisions in topic development and logic

Redundancy or repetition

Revise and improve the organization of your ideas, the clarity of your thoughts, and the economy and precision of your words

Check all formatting–including citations, references, and footnotes–in whatever style you’re using (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or any other style)

Stylistic weaknesses, such as wordiness, passive voice, awkward constructions, etc

Explain all of our corrections and suggestions in a personal, non-form cover letter

Appropriate tone

Additional Elite Editing Services:

Repeat client discount & referral program

Repeat client discount & referral program: We offer a 10% discount to all of our repeat clients for all future editing services. We also have a referral program. We will pay you 10% of the gross receipts paid by anyone whom you refer to us for editing. Elite Edits is book editing company that appreciates our customers, especially those that recommend us to others!

Detailed Book Evaluation

For no additional charge, when we edit your book, we will also evaluate its content. No other book editing service will give you this value for free. When we return your edited book to you, it will have comments in the margins.

Help with getting published

Once you have your edited copy, we can, for an additional fee, format the book for printing, and can even do the publishing if required. Not every book editing company provides this service!

Post publishing promotional services

This can include any of the following: a promotional website, SEO, social media set-up, social media content management, advertising on Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and press releases. Elite Edits is an author editing service that can not only correct any errors, but help get your published book to as many potential readers as possible!

Why Us?
Why Use Elite Editors?

Here’s what our own team says about our “novel book editing” method: Having helped to bring roughly fifteen novels into print over the last 18 months as one of Elite Editor’s staffers, I have been asked how our services go beyond those that you might find elsewhere online.

Frankly, using Elite Editors is a no-brainer. Most of our competitors, if you read between the lines of their advertised programs, are glorified “clean-up crews”–that is to say, hygienically-minded proofreaders. If you aspire to a more rigorous and professional treatment of your manuscript, go with Elite Editors.

Over the years our company has an enviable record in securing authors’ contracts for publication, many of whom were first-time authors who needed additional help.

Hire us and we’ll work tirelessly to help you realize your dreams of getting published, thus participating in your great success story.

What Our Editing Service Does NOT Do

Please take note of the following:
  • We are NOT a paper-writing or dissertation-writing service.
  • We do NOT do any conceptual thinking, research, or extensive writing for our clients.
  • We will NOT do unlimited revisions of a work that is beyond the help of our services that we detail throughout this website. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject any submission that is so poorly written it cannot be edited.
  • If you have any doubt whether or not your professor approves of the hiring of our editing service, please confirm with them.

Our Editing and Proofreading Services

You’ll be assigned the best from our team of experienced editors. You won’t find a better editor, copyeditor, copywriter, proofreader, or web content editor anywhere, at any agency, for any price to handle your editing needs.

Editing Services

Fiction Book Editing Service

Our fiction editors are Masters in English...

Hire Nonfiction Book Editor

Our book editors are PhDs and published...

Business Editing Services

Our editing services are 100% guaranteed!

Professional Book Proofreading Services

Our fiction editors are Masters in English...

Other Services

Book Cover Design

We have a team of graphic designers at...

Book Marketing

We have plenty of projects that we helped...

Publishing Services

We can handle your publishing needs, and...

Post Publishing Promotion

We have plenty of projects that we helped get going when our authors just don’t know what to do to promote their books. This includes an author website, social media setup, content marketing, and advertising on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.


The cost of editing a project depends on the level of editing required and the complexity of the material. We have three different packages available to you. Prices are based on the amount of time and work your specific project will require to be edited properly. A per-word rate is used because many factors can affect the number of words on a page (e.g., font, spacing, and margins).
Our range for proofreading/copyediting/developmental editing is 2 to 6 cents per word. Other companies can charge up to 12 cents per word. You do not need to commit to the whole project up front. You can break up the manuscript into multiple segments, or start with the first few chapters.
Visit our website, and complete the form. Our team will then go over the different packages and get to know more about your specific projects. We accept payments via credit card or Venmo.
All of our editors are screened and tested. Their credentials are checked. Applicants who want to be developmental editors, need a track record of published books that they’ve edited. Individuals looking to be copy editors and proofreaders must pass the tests for those categories. Our proofreaders must also pass an exam. The tests for each are rigorous, and those that pass them have the skills required for the job.
Complete the form on our website and our team of experts will contact you. You will be instructed to send your manuscript as an attachment, or share it as a Google doc.
Once you have completed the form on our website, one of our team members will contact you. First, we need to get a better idea of the type of project you have and what level of service is appropriate for your needs. Then, you will be assigned your editor and communicate with them.
If after the editor looks at your work and feels it requires a different level of editing, we will contact you before any major work is done. You can choose to accept or ignore their recommendations. Our editors are honest and will not charge you for work that isn’t necessary.
We will also not do work that isn’t being paid for. We offer three different varieties of packages. Our sales team will discuss the options with you at your consultation. Our editors and proofreaders decline submissions that need developmental editing as a first step.
Yes. Any submission we receive is never posted, shared outside the network, distributed electronically or in print.
Our team receives email inquiries from our website and replies via email, can call you, or text you. You may communicate the preferred method of contact when you submit your form. In most cases, you should receive a response no later than the next business day.
We will charge a minimum of $50 for any sample editing request. This fee will be applied to your full editing program cost
Your sample edit will not consist of the entire chapter you sent. Proper editing takes time. A sample edit is usually 1 to 3 pages, depending on how much material the editor feels is necessary to edit in order to demonstrate the level of editing required. The sample edit also gives the editor an idea of how much time your project will require and which of our tiers would be appropriate.
Not always. It depends, a good copy editor knows when to look up a word or reach out to an author when something doesn’t look right. A copy editor isn’t a walking dictionary, but they need to be suspicious of every word they read. Their trained eye allows them to catch mistakes others may miss. With developmental editing, it is more helpful to work with a specialist in your topic or genre, especially if you need help with improving the story (fiction writing) or presenting your research (nonfiction).
Professional editors tend to have steady workloads. It is important to discuss a realistic time frame with your editor. Expectations must match the reality of the situation for both parties.
Editing, when done properly is a slow, meticulous process that cannot be rushed. The service agreement you have with your editor will contain the start date and estimated completion date. The time to complete the job is related to the size of the project and the amount of editing work it requires. There is an additional fee for “rush editing work”.
Yes, it’s required. You will have an agreement that spells out the scope of the project, the cost, and the schedule.
The word count is the number of words your editor will read/edit/rewrite. Any parts you don’t want edited, should be removed from the file before submission. Should you hire us, the word count submitted for the estimate will be compared with the word count of the document received for editing. The higher the word count, the higher the cost.
If you wish to work chapter by chapter, be sure to discuss this during your consultation.
The editing agreement you were given outlines the process to end the writer-editor relationship.
No. There’s no way to guarantee that a book will be published or see a profit. This is an arrangement that is known as “on spec” or speculation. The prices of our editing services are outlined on our website for your convenience.
Yes. We have a team of graphic designers at our disposal. Give us your vision and specs and we will create a book cover that people will judge you by!
Yes. We have experience with many self-published authors. We can help you frame your manuscript exactly as you see fit. In addition, we also have graphic designers and typesetters who can help you create the exact look and feel you envision.
Most of our editors use Word’s tracking feature. This program shows all edits, embedded comments, and queries. You will likely get back a tracked file and a “clean” file. A clean file has no tracking or edits.
• Be open to suggestions. While the final product is yours, don’t be so attached to your draft that you will override all edits.
• Provide several means of contact to your editor.
• Don’t micromanage. Checking in on daily progress will only slow down the process.
• Send your work and payments to your editor at the agreed-upon time. If you are likely to miss a deadline, let us know ahead of time. Remember that this is a professional arrangement. Pay the correct amounts on the dates specified in the editing agreement. Don’t delay payment dates or alter payment amounts.
We can handle your publishing needs, and will get your finished work up and live on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and all other online publishers. We can even help you with your audiobook creation if you wish!
Yes. Most large publishing houses will not accept manuscripts from unrepresented authors. Having an agent doesn’t guarantee publishing. Having an agent who is experienced with contracts will also be of great benefit to you.
No editor can or should promise this. What we can promise is that after our editing services, your work will be presentable and as error-free as humanly possible.