Fiction Book Editing Service

Not all fiction book editing services are created equal.

You’ve finished writing your novel! Now the next step in the writing process begins! Now it’s time to find an editor. You may have had multiple people read over your work, but that is not the same as having a trained eye do it! A fiction book editor is well worth the investment. When it comes to your novel, you shouldn’t trust just any novel editor. Your work deserves a fiction book editor that will take the time to go through every word. After all, you have chosen every word on the page for a reason. There are a number of fiction novel editing services to choose from, but how do you know which fiction book editing service is right for you and your work?
At Elite Edits, our fiction book editors are not only all PhDs, but they have all published work! Our fiction book editors understand the importance of maintaining an author’s original tone while improving the language and clarity of a manuscript. At Elite Edits, we believe that authors should never have to worry about an overbearing novel editing service changing their beloved story. Instead, we see editing as a way to elevate what is already there. At Elite Edits, we have three different packages to choose from. Not every novel requires the same type of fiction novel editing service. Be sure to take a look at our pricing page for a detailed explanation of our fiction novel editing services. When you work with Elite Edits, you can trust that your fiction book editor will go above and beyond your expectations. Elite Edits, doesn’t just provide novel editing or proofreading. We can also provide you help with cover art, publishing services and book marketing! It’s our goal, that when writers have received their edited work that they are happy with the finished product. We don’t take the trust that has been put in us lightly.

Fiction Novel Editing Service

About our fiction editing service:

Here is a summary of the process we go through while performing novel editing. This outline may suggest some points for fiction writers to keep in mind as they prepare drafts of their manuscripts.

  • Detect and Respect YOUR VOICE: We try to hear the author’s cadences through characters’ dialogical speech patterns, which should be distinctive to each character.
  • Character Credibility: Do they speak in a manner consistent with their individual depiction and the text’s setting? Are they plausible, again as gauged in terms of the work’s fictional context, and are their actions congruent with both the story’s events and human psychology? Persuade the reader that your imagined characters are real, and that we should care about them!
  • PLOT: Does the story develop and jive with the circumstances? One wrong detail can derail the entire project. Our editors are adept at questioning these occasional miscues.
  • Do we care? The pay-off for the reader, in other words, should be worth his or her investment of time and attention.


These major points encompass what we look for while editing a novel:

Our fiction novel editing service focuses on maximizing the potency of your novel’s storytelling elements. We’ll evaluate and enhance your story’s literary aspects: plot, characterization, narrative voice, pace, and thematic resonance. Since our fiction book editors are all PhDs, they have all written—and many have published—their dissertations, which are highly structured, rigorously developed, thoroughly supported, and flawlessly proofed texts. Your assigned fiction book editor will have the experience needed to complete the job properly.


Your fiction book editor will be one of our editors who write and publish novels, while teaching creative writing, literature, and/or composition in college. Elite Edits is a fiction book editing service that takes the caliber of our fiction book editors seriously! The quality of a novel editor doesn’t get any better than that. They are highly-skilled, consummate artists who will work diligently to sharpen your characters; identify possible plot holes; surgically remove redundancies, inconsistencies, wordiness, and other assorted prose diseases; detect faulty diction, dialogue and pace; note any other flaws that may be obstructing your novel from attaining its maximum literary quality.
For no additional charge, when our fiction novel editing service performs novel editing and proofreading, we will also evaluate your novel’s content. No other fiction novel editing service will do this for free. After we have completed our fiction book editing process, we will make comments in the margins. In addition, we will include the following checklist as a separate file, completely filled out with professional, doctorate level commentary by our book editors. Every fiction novel editing service should consider the following:

  • What can be done to improve your work’s marketability?
  • Is the plot original and compelling?
  • Does it have any major organization or structural problems?
  • Have you missed any key ingredients or not sufficiently developed any scenes or topics?
  • Are the characters original and fully developed?
  • Is the dialogue genuine and fresh?
  • Is there too much interior monologue or description and exposition, with too little action and/or dialogue?
  • Are there any clichés or stereotypes that weaken your writing?
  • Is there enough believability, suspense, action, conflict, and tension?
  • Is your book too short or too long, and, if so, why? Should it be part of a series?
  • Is there anything else that you, as the author, can do to improve it?

Elite Edits is a fiction novel editing service that takes pride in righting writing wherever it’s wrong! Novel editing is an art. Our Fiction book editors take the time to not only correct errors but evaluate content. Contact us today and let us help you get your book ready to be published!

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