Professional Book Proofreading Services

Proofreading is an essential step in the writing process. It is also a step in the process that many people try to do themselves. Whether it be book proofreading or manuscript proofreading, your writing needs and deserves a trained eye to look it over. Our professional proofreaders will spot and correct the errors in the text that you’ve read too many times to notice—spelling errors, grammar errors, typos … all the little things that can look big in the eyes of a literary agent or an editor. Many writers feel as though they have read their work so many times, that using professional proofreading services are unnecessary. Having an unbiased proofreader take a look over your book is incredibly beneficial. Regardless of how flawless you think your piece of work may be, you will be surprised to see just how many errors the trained eye can find! While it may be free or less expensive to ask a friend, what is the cost of embarrassment? Hire us to proofread your book, manuscript, or business documents!

With the help of our professional proofreading services, your writing will be polished, precise, professional. If you’re looking to improve a business document, a business proposal, a manuscript, or a book; Elite Edits can help you with all of your proofreading needs.

Our fiction proofreaders are Masters in English & published authors.

About our fiction proofreading service:

Here is a summary of the process we go through while proofreading a novel. This outline may suggest some points for fiction writers to keep in mind as they prepare drafts of their manuscripts.

  • Detect and Respect YOUR VOICE: We try to hear the author’s cadences through characters’ dialogical speech patterns, which should be distinctive to each character.
  • Character Credibility: Do they speak in a manner consistent with their individual depiction and the text’s setting? Are they plausible, again as gauged in terms of the work’s fictional context, and are their actions congruent with both the story’s events and human psychology? Persuade the reader that your imagined characters are real, and that we should care about them!
  • PLOT: Does the story develop and jive with the circumstances? One wrong detail can derail the entire project. Our proofreaders are adept at questioning these occasional miscues.
  • Do we care? The pay-off for the reader, in other words, should be worth his or her investment of time and attention.


These major points encompass what we look for while proofreading a novel:

  • Our fiction book proofreading focuses on maximizing the potency of your novel’s storytelling elements. We’ll evaluate and enhance your story’s literary aspects: plot, characterization, narrative voice, pace, and thematic resonance. Since our fiction book editors are all PhDs, they have all written—and many have published—their dissertations, which are highly structured, rigorously developed, thoroughly supported, and flawlessly proofed texts.
  • Your fiction proofreader will be one of our proofreaders who write and publish novels, while teaching creative writing, literature, and/or composition in college. The quality of a novel proofreader doesn’t get any better than that. They are highly-skilled, consummate artists who will work diligently to
  • Sharpen your characters;
  • Identify possible plot holes;
  • Surgically remove redundancies, inconsistencies, wordiness, and other assorted prose diseases; detect faulty diction, dialogue and pace;
  • Note any other flaws that may be obstructing your novel from attaining its maximum literary quality.
  • For no additional charge, when our fiction proofreading service performs our novel editing and proofreading, we will also evaluate your novel’s content. No other book editing service will do this for free. After we have completed our book proofreading process, we will make comments in the margins. In addition, we will include the following checklist as a separate file, completely filled out with professional, doctorate level commentary by your book editors.
  • What can be done to improve your work’s marketability?
  • Is the plot original and compelling?
  • Does it have any major organization or structural problems?
  • Have you missed any key ingredients or not sufficiently developed any scenes or topics?
  • Are the characters original and fully developed?
  • Is the dialogue genuine and fresh?
  • Is there too much interior monologue or description and exposition, with too little action and/or dialogue?
  • Are there any clichés or stereotypes that weaken your writing?
  • Is there enough believability, suspense, action, conflict, and tension?
  • Is your book too short or too long, and, if so, why? Should it be part of a series?
  • Is there anything else that you, as the author, can do to improve it?


Manuscript Proofreading Service

You have something fresh and insightful to say about your subject. You know you’ve said it well, but there’s something missing, or it’s not quite smooth enough, or you want it to be double-checked for any number of reasons. You’ve done your research and due diligence. Your writing is good, but now you want a great proofreader–not just any proofreader. Someone you can trust with your important work. A proofreader who’ll fix or tweak that little something that will take your book or manuscript from good to exceptionally good. A book proofreader who cares about your book as much (or almost as much, anyway) as you do.

You’ve just found that proofreader. We are the only book proofreading service that will treat your book like it’s ours. Even though we don’t charge too much, we’ll give your book the best proofreading any amount of money can buy.

Business Document Proofreading

Our proofreading services are 100% guaranteed!
Your business is our business. We are 100% committed to providing your business with the finest quality, highest level of professional proofreading services that money can buy.

We work efficiently, often with same or next day turnaround. (Rush Pricing Applies) We will meet or beat your deadline, guaranteed. You can count on us to be on time every time.

Our business document proofreading service professionals have worked with many industries and in many corporate climates. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do with all of the following material and anything else you can think of—inside or outside the box:

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Year-end reports
  • Advertising copy
  • Business plans
  • Proposals and submissions
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Marketing literature
  • Training manuals
  • Press releases
  • Media articles
  • Technical and scientific reports
  • Conference materials

When you employ us for business document proofreading, we will choose just the right proofreader for your material. Put our proofreading skills to work for you and your company, ensuring that your document is checked for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure, and clarity.

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